Cleaning solutions


Jet Cleaning Solutions have been developed for the regular cleaning of flexographic printing equipment. It is probably one of the most greenest, cleanest pressroom cleaning chemical systems ever to be developed for the flexo industry. There is a broad range available, from solutions for cleaning water and solvent based inks up to a heavy duty hand cleaner.


The Jet Cleaning Solutions range contains everything you need to help run your press more effectively. Specialist cleaners formulated for anilox rollers and flexo plates, coupled with cleaning pads, designed to penetrate deep into each microscopic anilox cell and provide maximum cleaning performance.


  • - Safe to use
  • - Non flammable
  • - Non abrasive
  • - Effective in both hard and soft water
  • - Flexible use for both manual and ultrasonic cleaning
  • - Versatile: can be used in ultrasonic and immersion tanks or in situ


  • - Jet Wash – General purpose water based pressroom cleaner
  • - Jet Heavy Duty Wash – Water based ink remover
  • - Jet Optimum – Heavy duty water based inks remover
  • - Jet Solve – Solvent based ink and lacquer remover
  • - Jet Hand Cleaner – Heavy duty hand cleaner
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