UV flexo/ctp


There are many reasons to be enthusiastic about the JET UV-flexo plates. For example their optimum printing quality and minimum environmental load. The plates are made from poly vinyl alcohol and acryl vinyl monomer, which dissolves in water and can be safely flushed into the drainage system.


Jet Europe supports their clients to every extent possible in the processing of photopolymer plates. Apart from a product information sheet, we also put together a manual containing the step by step description of the processing sequences. So… we’ll guide you every step of the way.


Especially developed for printing with UV-inks in the thin plate technology. Very popular amoung narrow web printers who changed over from letterpress to UV-flexo. Both conventional and digital UVW plates are available in different thicknesses and sizes. Top quality waterwashable plates, guaranteeing minimal environmental load.

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