JET stands for quality. JET plates are well known for their optimum printing quality and minimum environmental load. The plates are made from poly vinyl alcohol and acryl vinyl monomer, which dissolves in water and can be safely flushed into the drainage system.


Jet Europe supports their clients to every extent possible in the processing of photopolymer plates. Apart from a product information sheet, we also put together a manual containing the step by step description of the processing sequences. So… we’ll guide you every step of the way.


  • - Easy and fast processing
  • - To be washed out by plain tap water
  • - Excellent ink transfer
  • - Extremely sharp lines and grid
  • - Very fine raster percentage range
  • - Information sheet and manual available on request


JET steel based plates are available in different thicknesses of steel base. There is also a CTP-version. Each type fits best to a specific application. The use of ordinary tap water and the absence of pollution certainly contribute to the satisfaction of the users. JET plates for excellent results. Custom made sizes are available on request.

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