water plate making

This Jet Europe equipment is based on the latest plate processing techniques available today. It has all the features required by the demanding printer. It is specially designed to achieve high quality plates at an attractive price level.

solvent plate making

Jet Europe supplies a unique range of equipment for processing solvent based photopolymer plates. The equipment embodies the latest flexographic techniques available today. It is specially designed to achieve high quality plates of any thickness and design

plate cleaning

The JET plate cleaner is the first plate cleaner that flushes, brushes and dries the plate in one production cycle. By utilising an unique way of mounting and transporting the dirty plates through the machine it is the fastest and most...

reclaim equipment

In the long run the solvent in the wash-out station will become saturated by the dissolved monomers. Distillation units recover contaminated solvents and washing agents. The distillate is as effective as new solvent and can be reintroduced into...

used equipment

Used equipment is available on request.

 Jet Laser

HDi delivers repeatable Quality at resolutions up to 9.600 DPI with the excellent image richness and contrast, which comptes very well with offset and gravure print quality.
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