Reclaim Equipment


In the long run the solvent in the wash-out station will become saturated by the dissolved monomers. Distillation units recover contaminated solvents and washing agents. The distillate is as effective as new solvent and can be reintroduced into the solvent circuit of the cleaning system. Therefore the Reclaim Unit is a most cost effective investment.


  • - Equipped with PLC controls linked to pumps of storage and buffer tanks
  • - Fully automatic recycling
  • - Max. capacity depends on size of wash-out machine(s)
  • - For recycling all alternative solvents


The reclaim units are prepared for combination with the Interflex Washer. Jet Europe is the appointed dealer for well-known manufacturers such as Renzmann and takes care of all (technical) support. The contribution to a healthy environment is also interesting for economic reasons, as most distillation units, for instance, pay themselves off in a very short time.

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