JETFLEX solvent washable flexoplates stand for quality. A superb ink transfer, a homogeneous coverage and a minimum dot gain guarantee excellent printing results. Not only for screen and line work, but also for solids and reverses. Due to its high level of durability JETFLEX is extremely suited for repeat orders and long runs.



Jet Europe supports her clients to every extent possible in the processing of photopolymer plates. A product information sheet and a manual containing the step-by-step description of the processing sequences can be obtained on request. So... we’ll guide you every step of the way.


Flexible JETFLEX plates are particularly suitable for repeat orders, due to their long lifetime and ozone resistance. The impact of accurate dimensional stability and small thickness tolerance results in high-quality prints. Obviously the JETFLEX plates can be washed-out in all alternative solvents. JETFLEX plates cover a broad range of application.

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